Every single change that CPDD Connect went through.

Fix an issue with activating supporter purchase

Change app look, better iOS 13 dark mode support

Add option to link account with purchase

Allow dismissing keyboard on login screen

Fix the supporter repo URL being incorrect

Improve icon not appearing on homescreen

Update for 2019

Fix untappable cells in news feed posts

Attempt fix for users seeing N/A for their Connect ID

Fix startup crash which prevented the app from launching under certain conditions.

Change the account details button to a text button for clarity

Fix an issue where extending your subscription could present the wrong confirmation alerts

Fix Cydia ID retrieval for Google accounts. iOS 9+ only, iOS 8 users there's no helping you. iOS 8 users, the app will work as intended except you will not be able to login to your Cydia account to retrieve your ID. Contact me if you are on iOS 8 and need to register your Cydia ID.

Account details page shows early adopter badge

Subscription page allows extending subscription

Account details table now displays your Connect User ID #

News Feed posts were updated with external links. You'll see them at the bottom of the news feed post if any are available for it. Tapping one of these colored link cells will open an external link with more information related to the article.

Make password reset button more obvious on the auth form. To access log out of your account to reset password.

Adjust wording on some packages

You can now manage your devices under your account profile. You are initially limited to 3 devices on your account, as we move towards a stable release of this app the limit may be increased.

I've added a 'Open' button to the package details which take you directly into Cydia to install.

Add Password Reset to login form, tap the circle info button

Fix some spelling errors

Fix iOS 9 Crash

Remove .DS_Store file that snuck in

Make Sign Up button link more responsive

Initial Release